V5MT's artistic practice has always focused on experimental animation, with the artist's primary medium being animated GIF.
Known for exploring versatile aesthetics and diverse techniques, V5MT always stays fresh and on point with current trends in visual arts and her mesmerizing motion loops are widely recognized.

V5MT began releasing her digital art on Tumblr in January 2010 and in the next years took part in many notable URL & IRL art projects and events. Her works have been exhibited at venues such as: Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, Museum of the Moving Image, Transfer Gallery - in New York City, Barbican Centre in London or Transmediale Festival in Berlin, and also featured in numerous publications, including: VICE Magazine, IDEA Magazine, DAZED DIGITAL, WIRED, DIS Magazine, OFluxo, and Instagram "Hello World" series.

Throughout her career V5MT has worked with a diverse range of industries and clients, including brands like SPECIALIZED, GIPHY and Microsoft. In recent years she’s been specialising in designing eye-catching and engaging animated stickers that can be found in popular Apps like: Snapchat, Instagram, Kinemaster, Clipchamp on Windows, and many more.

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In early 2021 V5MT started minting her art on the blockchain, mainly on Tezos-based platforms. Engaging with the Tezos art community, she actively participated in Hicathon hackathon and Post-Hicathon. She was featured in THE TICKLE zine, with an interview and as the author of The TICKLE Token. She’s one of the selected artists in objkt.one curated collection of 1/1s.
V5MT’s NFTs can be also found on Ethereum and Solana marketplaces.
Within the NFT art scene, V5MT continues to explore her artistic experiments and keeps being involved in exhibitions, ongoing projects, and collaborations.

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